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The cost of the translation depends on the number of characters in the text, on the language into which the translation is to be made, on the difficulty of the text and the required deadline.


Since the translation’s cost is calculated on the basis of the target text, in most cases establishing the exact total cost can be possible only after the translation has been completed. However, as an experienced company, we are capable of providing the approximate price of the service by examining the original text.


In the case of car documents, we have a flat rate and can provide information about the final amount immediately.

1 page of certified (sworn) translation consists of 1125 characters with spaces in the translated text. Each commenced page is counted as a whole page.


1 page of a regular translation consists of 1800 characters with spaces in the translated text. Each commenced page is counted as a whole page.

Certified (sworn) translation is required when, for example, we need to submit documents issued abroad in a foreign language translated into a language version appropriate for the authorities, a court or university, which require such a document. Certified translation is a guarantee of faithfulness and impartiality of the translation. Such translation may be required by a school, an employer, a bank, a civil registry or a communication department. An authenticated translation is accompanied by a stamp, the sworn translator’s signature and date as well as a formula confirming the translation’s compatibility with the original text. The sworn translator’s stamp shows the name of the translator, the language in which the translator has the rights to translate and the number on the list of sworn translators at the Ministry of Justice.


Non-certified translation is most useful when translating CVs, letters and contracts to be signed. They may contain the seal of the translation agency, but do not contain the seal of a sworn translation.


Non-certified translation is about 30-40% cheaper than certified (sworn).


It’s best to find out in the office which translation will be required before the order is placed because in the event of ordering non-certified and then sworn translation, we charge additional fees.

There is no obligation to submit the original document for translation, but according to the Act of 25 November 2004 on the profession of a sworn translator, a sworn translator should add an annotation on an authenticated translation, clarifying whether it was made on the basis of the original document, a copy, a scan or an unsigned print.


It sometimes occurs that the client does not present the original source document, and then the translation is not honoured at an office. It is in the interest of the customer to present the original for translation (it may be done during collecting the translated documents). In the case of orders carried out at a distance, you can send the original by post.

A translation can be ordered at the office in person, by e-mail or by post. After we receive the documents, we present/send the customer a free quote as soon as possible (usually within 1 hour).

Of course, it is possible. We do not charge for sending a regular priority letter in Poland.

We normally issue one copy of a sworn translation. If the customer wants more copies, please tell us when ordering a translation. If requested at a later date, it will be a copy of the translation with a new date and a new repertory number.

The time needed to provide a translation depends on the volume of the text, the specialization and the language into which it is to be translated.


In the case of translations from popular languages (English, German, French, Italian) of short and typical documents (car documents, documents from the Civil Registry, school certificates, certificates of criminal record, tax certificates, registration certificates), we offer short deadlines – up to several working days.

Interpreting is settled in half-day (4 hours) periods. In order to book an interpreter, after having determined with us if we have an available interpreter on the given day, you should pay for the first half-day service.

Of course, if the text is in the doc. format, the document after translation will look the same. We can also prepare a translation of the text in PDF or in another format in the same form as the source text (for an additional fee of about 20% for the graphic processing)

Yes, at your request we can send you a free scan of the translation by e-mail.

Yes, but it must be accurately described in the translation in such a way that there is no ambiguity as to which fragments have been omitted.